Learn English Philippines

Last January 5, 2015, students from different universities in South Korea arrived in Manila, with the goal of honing their English language skills. However, they did not expect that their experience would go beyond the classroom.

Some universities underwent language training for a few weeks then sent to different hotels for their job shadowing programs. To apply the skills they have acquired, they were interviewed by general managers and human resource heads and assigned to work in certain departments where they were deemed fit.

Students were also given the priceless opportunity to travel outside Metro Manila and experience the scenic views and natural resources the Philippine countryside had to offer. They journeyed around Aklan, Batangas and Laguna to frolic in the pristine waters and white sand.

To make the camp students’ Enderun experience more meaningful and exciting, the Tutorial and Language Center, together with the student government and banquets/events classes, cooked up two events-the team building day and the mixer night. Through these events, the students were able to practice their conversational English skills and establish new friendships as they got to meet other language students from different countries such as China, Vietnam, Cameroon, Japan, Philippines, Libya, Iran and Switzerland.

TLC is looking forward to accommodating more students from Korea and Japan in the coming months and certainly, more non-conventional and dynamic activities shall be planned for these groups.

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