“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

― Henry Miller

The Tutorial and Language Center of Enderun Colleges has started accepting applications for its new course offering, the cultural exchange program. In this program, students are given the opportunity to get to know more about other cultures through travel.

As Enderun students journey to Korea, a modernised bustling country that has been developing over the last fifty years, they shall learn about Korean language, cuisine, theater and dance among others. They shall be accommodated by one of Enderun’s partner universities located in Cheonan, one of the main transportation hubs of Korea.

The itinerary prepared for the group is quite packed with exciting yet educational activities. Mornings shall be spent on learning about Korean culture and language, while the afternoons and evenings shall be spent on touring the city, dining, watching shows, visiting cultural landmarks and more. All in all, the students shall be going around four different cities namely Seoul, Yong-in, Cheonan and Incheon.

At the end of the trip, students will not only be able to embrace a different culture, but they shall also be able to better understand the endless complexities cultural differences bring about.