Hello! I am Willy Kamguia, and I am from Cameroon, Africa. I am nineteen years old, and I am part of the basketball varsity team here at Enderun Colleges. I enjoy going to school. It is a big opportunity for me to be here because Enderun has good ESL programs for its students. It has only been two months since I came to the Philippines, but I feel like I have been here for a long time. In the past, I just wanted to play basketball, but Enderun changed my perspective. Now, I know why studying is important.

It is not easy for me to blend with others right away. Enderun is an international school and I have to study English for me to talk to others. My first language is French, and I have never tried to learn another language. However, only after two months, I am able to write, speak, and read in English. In addition, all my teachers are good and friendly. They always try to understand and be patient with their students. Most importantly, all students are equal in the eyes of the teacher.

Indeed, I enjoy it here at Enderun because I have gained many friends from different countries: South Korea, France, Nigeria, Philippines, Germany, Brazil, and Morocco. Studying at TLC has truly made me a global student. I thank God for this unique opportunity.

– Willy Kamguia, Cameroon

Titans Basketball Team