Learning a new language has always been exciting for me. It is also tough and demanding because of the time it takes to improve. I am Tshiband Uzzan Jr from DR Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) in Central Africa. The DR Congo is a French-speaking country; therefore French is my first language. I have come to the Philippines to take up my MBA. As a French speaker, learning English was needed.

Three months after my arrival in the country, I started taking the ESL program at Enderun Colleges in McKinley Hill. My class was held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 9AM to noon, which implies that I only had 9 hours per week. During the first three weeks, I felt inadequate. When I had to speak, I was uncomfortable. I remember the teacher suggesting that I speak with an Iranian and Korean classmate. The program and the teacher’s methodology were well designed to meet our expectations and helped us to address our weaknesses.

As I worked harder, I was able to speak confidently and made fewer mistakes. I was able to write concisely and coherently as well within three months. Furthermore, I took an entrance exam at Ateneo Graduate School of Business. I had my writing, speaking, and listening assessed a week later. I passed and I was admitted.

The three-month ESL class at Enderun colleges was an incredibly amazing experience. Learning a language for whatever purpose has always taken longer than planned. For some people, it takes years to be able to start up a conversation in a new language; however, for me, it only took three months to reach my ultimate goal.

– Tshiband Uzzan Jr, Congo

A New Man by Tshiband Uzzan